Smoothie Hacks Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (lion roars) (wheel clicking) ♪ Mm hmm hmm ♪ – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Win Face! Congratulations to Zera. You win a GMM mug. – Zera! – Zera, Zera. – Is how I would say it. – Look at that. That’s quite a winning face, and a diploma of some sort or certificate to go along with it. – Congratulations for whatever you just accomplished. – (laughs) Okay, so. We ask you to submit to us, in general. But we also ask you to sub– – Bless you! That’s really the nature of this relationship. (Link laughs) We typically don’t like to spell it out. – (laughs) Yeah. Probably shouldn’t have done that.

We ask you to submit your own smoothie recipes, since we’re in the blending mood today. And we’re gonna try a few of those. Starting with, Emily Hubble. Inventor of the telescope. – Yeah. – As I understand it. She says Brownie Mix with cream cheese? And that’s it? So Josh, that’s all that’s in this. Brownie Mix and cream, did you add water or? – That wouldn’t really be a smoothie then it’s just gonna be more brownie mix? – You gotta have ice or something, right? – Yeah, I just put some ice and milk in there. – Ice and milk added to the brownie mix and cream cheese. – I always thought of brownie mix as kind of like a protein shake anyway you know? It’s the same consistency. – I don’t think it does quite the same things for your muscles. – Clink it. (glasses clink) Alright Emily. – Can I get a wider straw? (people laughing) – I think that’s the widest straw I’ve ever.

– Hm, you know what it tastes like? – Like a Tesla Tunnel. – Brownie mix and cream cheese. – It’s absolutely perfect tasting. – It’s a little rich. It’s a little rich. Did your mom– – You’re like. Your eyebrows are up and you’re still squinting. – Did your mom make you milkshakes growing up? – My grandma did. – Nana made me a milkshake and she put– – I know what you’re gonna say (hands clap) yes! – They put raw eggs in it. – A raw egg in the. And some of drops of a– – Vanilla! – Vanilla! – Hold on. Who stole who’s recipe? Maybe they both got it from Reader’s Digest.

– Right. This is uh. Hey I don’t really taste the cream cheese. It just becomes. It makes it like a richer experience. What would you say? – I’m gonna stop here though. – It gets a little bit of a texture in there. It gets some kind of rich fattiness. You get a little bit of twang on the backend, but it’s very chocolate forward. – That’s almost as– – It’s almost a brownie mix.

– As brilliant as the telescope itself, Emily. – So chocolate forward. – Alright, let’s do the next one. This is who? Elijah? Eliah. – It’s Eliah. – No J. – Violator Adasiak, which might be a made up name but– I made a pancake shake one time. Pancakes, syrup, berries, milk, whipped cream, and a little cinnamon. It was amazing! Well, you made it one time though. (people laughing) And then you suggested that we eat it. – Hmm. – So let’s try that. – Alright. Let’s see. – This is a full pancake breakfast. – The Violator breakfast! Get violated! Every morning at breakfast. (Rhett chuckling) Okay. We didn’t didn’t dink it but we can still sink it. – Gritty. And I mean that in the most charitable way.

– Yeah, the cakiness of the pancake feels like something fell in the blender when you weren’t looking. – Can you tell I’m enjoying it from the face I make when I sip on it? – You know, like a fluffy cat or something. Is there a fluffy cat in here, huh? – Again it’s nice, but I see why you’ve made it one time. What did you think about this, Josh? I want to get your professional opinion about this. – I’m normally a fan of blending pastries into shakes, like I’d throw a MacDonald’s apple pie in a vanilla milkshake. – Okay. – And this, it really, it soaks up a lot and it’s kind of like you’re drinking a sponge. – I think it’s a good idea but it needs to be rebranded. We need, you know, Violator’s good. That’s in the mix. But the pancake itself, what’s the replacement? What are we saying? Just take it out. – I think, honestly I’d say go pop tart on the next one, you know. – Go pop tart. – Go pop tart or go home.

– It’ll add a nice texture without soaking up the liquid. – Okay, you heard it from Josh. Go pop tart. – Go pop tart! – Okay, we have another one. From Lonnie Rhymer. – Lonnie Rhymer. See if this rhymes. – Combine vanilla ice cream, sprite, York peppermint patties, and orange juice. So far, no rhymes at all. (people laughing) You would think that peppermint patties and OJ would be nasty, but nope, it’s deliciasty! I’m trying to make it rhyme. – Hmm. – Delicious. Okay, so vanilla ice cream sprite– – Deliciasty? – That’s like a float. You add peppermint patties in orange juice. That’s really throwing me off, ’cause that sounds a little bit like mixing toothpaste and orange juice together which you’re not supposed to do, which we have done before on this show. (glasses clinking) (people laughing) – Now this is the Violator. – Yeah. – You know. (laughing) – That’s right, my mouth has been violated. – It tastes like a pallet cleanser. – Yeah, yeah. – It tastes like something you taste before you taste something that you want to taste. – It’s strong. It’ll wake you up. That’s the only positive spin I can put on this thing.

I do not like it, Lonnie Rhymer. (Rhett laughing) – That sounded like the beginning of a children’s– (Link laughing) – It’s like– – I do not like it, Lonnie Rhymer, I do not! – Sam I am. It’s like a Dr. Seuss situation. We got one more we’re gonna blend ourselves. – Okay, yes. This one is from Jake Whitehead. That’s a great last name. – Oh, don’t burn his last name. – No, I said it’s a great last name.

I didn’t say it was an unfortunate last name that made me lose my appetite immediately. – Oh gosh. – I said it was a great last name. And he says, pepperoni, vanilla ice cream and jalapenos. Spicy, tasty, and cold. Wow! Overselling it a little bit. Leave the wowing to us. – Okay. – A lot of people don’t know this: when you do a smoothie, you should start with a liquid first. Josh, did you know that? – No, thank you for teaching me about cooking. – I– (people laughing) – He’s angry. (people laughing) – You’ve made him angry. – You and Whitehead over there. (people chuckling) No, the reason, I don’t know, I mean, it makes sense, you know, in terms of physics. But it actually said it in the instructions to the blender that I have at home.

– Really, ’cause when I make my smoothie, I like to put the powder in first, ’cause if you put the powder in last and then you hit the blender, it poofs up and then you’ve got a lot of the powder caked on the sides and you’re not actually eating it. So I try to bury the powder. Of course, if you bury it at the bottom, then it happens in reverse and you still don’t get it. So I like to layer it in the middle. – I’m not listening anymore. – I pour and then I, I don’t listen to you either. (people chuckling) – Okay. – This seems like a great idea, Jake Whitehead. – Icy drink or smoothie. (heavy music) (blender blending) – He made this up knowing that they would pick it and we would do it, that’s all that’s happening here. Oh, here we go. – Always pour your buddy’s first. – Pour it and adore it. Oh, it’s got a festive– – It looks very Christmasy. – Sprinkleness to it. ‘Course, we’re over that. – Yeah. – You know. – Real over it. – Oh, I’m glad you went second ’cause you’re getting more of the chunks. – Oh. – Come on. – I might need a spoon to get those pepperoni chunks.

Oh, that’s– – It’s got quite a– (spoon clattering) Quite a bouquet. – Look, a spoon for the pepperoni chunks. – Okay. (spoon clatters) (person chuckles) Okay. (glasses clinking) (Link coughing) This is one of those situations where I like all the individual ingredients, you know, on their own terms. – It’s worse because it’s still chunky. – I want to give Whitehead a chance. – No, give a– At this point, I’m done, and I’m glad you made fun of his name. Make fun of everything about the guy, just rip him to shreds. – What, no. I’m not making fun of him. Here’s another thing: just to be honest with you, you’re not supposed to actually pop whiteheads.

– Oh gosh, Rhett. – You’re not. You know, I know we had Dr. Pimple Popper on the show. And it was fun and everybody enjoyed it but you’re actually just supposed to leave it alone. You’re just supposed to let the world deal with it. And nature will naturally– (tongue clicking) Do it’s magic. Nature’s magic. (upbeat music) – Doing nothing. (people chuckling) That’s nature’s magic. – Sorry, Whitehead. – Sample our scent, by purchasing a sample of our Mythical No. 9 fragrance, that is. Available now at .

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